Who We Are

Wombat Mental Health Services, LCSW PC (Wombat MHS)

is a team of highly qualified and uniquely skilled mental health practitioners who are deeply committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for our clients. We understand the importance of providing equitable access to culturally appropriate, non-judgmental, and affirmative mental health services for individuals from communities who have historically faced barriers in accessing care, prioritizing Deaf, Disabled, LGBTQIA2S, BIPOC, Kink, and Sex Workers.

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At Wombat Mental Health Services, we are dedicated to listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and working collaboratively to help them achieve their goals. We strive to create a space where our clients can BE SEEN. BE HEARD. BE HERE. Journey with us as we Reindigenize and Reimagine mental health.

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What We Do

Wombat Mental Health Services is dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of mental health services, encompassing counseling, evaluation, intervention, and case management. We specialize in assisting individuals facing challenges related to mental, social, familial, and medical issues.

Recognizing the intricate interplay of emotional, psychological, social, and environmental factors in our clients’ lives, our team is committed to delivering culturally sensitive treatment. By tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each individual, we provide not only therapeutic interventions but also connect clients with relevant community resources.

Our goal is to address the holistic well-being of our clients, acknowledging and navigating the complexities that contribute to their mental health journey.

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Who We Serve

Driven by a commitment to social justice, Wombat Mental Health Services is dedicated to supporting marginalized communities, specifically those facing barriers to mental health services. Our focus extends to aiding underserved populations, including individuals who are Deaf, Disabled, LGBTQIA2S, BIPOC, Sex Workers, part of the Kink community, and those encountering challenges in accessing essential mental health resources.

We believe in the power of inclusivity and aim to uplift and empower our clients to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Our practitioners not only possess the necessary expertise and knowledge but also come from and are shaped by the very communities they serve. This allows us to truly understand and address the unique challenges and experiences our clients face.

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