Journey with Wombat
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Wombat Mental Health Services (Wombat MHS) is here to support you in your mental health journey. We understand how important it is to connect with a therapist that feels right for you.

Take the first step by scheduling a consultation with one of our consult team members. During your consultation we discuss expectations, questions you may have, forms of payment/insurance, and selecting your preferred therapist. You can learn more about each of our therapists by visiting Our Clinician Team.

All appointments are conducted online. No in-office visits are offered so please select Telehealth Visit as the preferred visit. Once an appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email from Wombat MHS LCSW PC that is a Patient Portal Invitation and will include a link for you to access your portal. You will also receive an email with a link to forms for you to review and complete. Forms must be completed prior to the consult appointment.

To schedule your initial consult appointment, select either of the following individual’s appointment links.

Booking with a consult team member does not mean you are selecting that individual as your preferred therapist. Visit Our Clinician Team to view our team of therapists.

A close photo of Crystal Carrasquillo smiling at the camera

Crystal Carrasquillo


A photo of Zack Cayaban smiling and standing outdoors

Zack Cayaban


A photo of Elena Pug Kroo smiling and leaning against a wall. They have an orange mohawk and have a black t-shirt on an

Elena “Pug” Kroo


If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 909-529-8965.