Welcome to the Gender Expansive Spot!

The Gender Expansive Spot! Online Support Group Starts March 13th.

Our online telehealth Gender Expansive Spot support group aims to provide a safe, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive space for all individuals looking to explore, talk about, and journey through the gender spectrum! At WombatMHS, we believe that gender identity is core to how we truly feel we as individuals.

Gender identity can be very personal to us, with certain times feeling scary, unnerving, and challenging as we travel along our gender identity journey. The Gender Expansive Spot aims to break down the barriers that keep us complacent within stereotypical gender expression and identity, providing space for participants to convene and build community with one another, talk about their lived experiences and gender identity journey, and be immersed into a plethora of activities and seminars that not only encourage participants to live their fully realized gender identity experience, but to also find new connections to build upon with other Wombaes! Sign up below to join today!


A close photo of Crystal Carrasquillo smiling at the camera