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Embarking on the journey to finding and securing a compatible therapist can be an overwhelming task for just about anyone. The journey to mental health care is complex and even more difficult for those who are a part of underserved and underrepresented communities.

Here at Wombat MHS, we recognize and acknowledge the many gaps our communities face when accessing crucial and specialized care that is often ignored. Our core mission is to disrupt those inequities.

We commit to addressing these injustices within the systems by making the therapeutic process readily accessible, community-oriented, with specialized therapists who come from those very same diverse communities.

We understand and value the importance of transparency within our staff and communities. Although our agency is “for-profit,” we are guided by a non-profit social justice lens, which means our goal is not capital. Our goal is community empowerment and access to care. We turn to our community in hopes of building funding to sustain daily operations, scaling up, and most important, directly fund therapy sessions for folks who would not otherwise be financially able to access services. We are highly privileged to be a part of such diverse communities that deserve specialized care because we know that mental health care is not one-size-fits-all.

How are funds used?

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Daily Operations

Non-discretionary funds gifted to this essential component will be used towards day-today activities required in maintaining Wombat MHS, LCSW PC.

  • Marketing
  • Community Resources
Mental Health Assistance

Funds gifted to this program are used directly to:

  • Assist our LGBTQIA2S, BIPOC, Deaf, Disabled Communities
  • Alleviate financial barriers
  • Provide equitable access to mental health

*Please note that assistance funds are distributed according to availability of funds, meeting the Wombat Assistance Funds (WAF) client criteria and determining if the client is a good fit for our therapeutic services.

Scaling Up

Funds gifted to this program are used to support and expand our clinical research:

  • Formulate reindigenized mental health curriculum
  • Create culturally appropriate interventions
  • Provide safe, nonjudgemental support groups and drop-in centers

Each of these funding sources help with keeping our virtual doors open. We want to ensure people who are giving, know that the money will be put to the right place, making therapy accessible.

How to help?

We are actively collaborating with community members (artists, content creators) to curate a merchandise catalog that can be exclusively sold on our online store. We are looking to work with a range of artists, community members, and stakeholders to fund our Wombat Assistance Fund (WAF) program.

Whether you give the gift of a financial contribution directly on our site or looking to contribute in non-monetary ways, we are always looking for other projects to contribute to the Wombat Assistance Fund.  If you are interested in bringing your unique skillset, artistry, and talents to aid in our programs, please head over to our Artist & Collaborator page and fill out the following questionnaire.

Artist & Collaborator

Through monetary gifts, sold merchandise, auctioned original artwork and more, we work towards the goal of creating pathways that bridge the gap of accessing mental health services our communities rightfully deserve.


Wombat MHS is a charitable project fiscally sponsored by SPM Disability Justice Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity providing fiscal sponsorship services to disability justice projects led by disabled Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color.

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