Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we are working and living as guests on land within the traditional territory and homelands of the Tongvar People, known as Tovaangar, surrounded by the neighboring indigenous areas of Momwahomomutnga (Momwahomomutnga, Momwahmomutngna), Torojoatng (Torojoat-ngna), Wapijanga (Wajija-nga), Kuukaamonga (Kukamongna, Kukamo), and Yoat (Joat, Joatngna).

We acknowledge the severe trauma and inequity created through the deliberate stealing and plundering of these lands by theft, forced treaty and/or sale, that caused the upheaval, suffering, dispossession, displacement, and death of countless First Nations individuals.

We demand that steps be taken to actively include our Indigenous communities in discussions and the decision-making process regarding how these lands can, and should, be used. We also acknowledge and call for restoration of land to the First Nations people that previously had sovereignty over these lands.

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