Emergency Services

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National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

Community Violence Solutions’ Rape Crisis Center: 800-670-7273
Alternatives 988 Suicide Hotline without risks of police involvement, involuntary treatment at emergency rooms or psychiatric hospitals, and the emotional and financial toll of those experiences.

BlackLine: is a hotline geared toward the Black, Black LGBTQ+, brown, Native, and Muslim communities

Kiva Centers: offers daily online peer support groups

M.H. First Oakland and M.H. First Sacramento: operate during select weekend hours in the California cities of Oakland and Sacramento

Peer Support Space: hosts virtual peer support groups twice a day Monday through Saturday

Project LETS: provides support by text for urgent issues that involve involuntary hospitalization

Samaritans of New York: is a hotline based in New York City

Trans Lifeline: is a hotline for trans and questioning individuals 877-565-8860 (US) 877-330-6366 (CANADA)

Wildflower Alliance: has a peer support line and online support groups focused on suicide prevention