Indigenous Resources

Indigenous Resources

AICC American Indian Counseling Center: – LA County Contact:

South Sound Street Medics – Set Chas. (Olympia, Wa) is an indigenous led street medic organization that provides care to underserved communities and organizations promoting social justice, earth justice and tribal sovereignty movements. They do this through direct action support, community care, gathering traditional medicine plants and needed supplies and providing resistance camp support. Contact:

Red Sleeves Mutual Aid – Diné, Tiwa, and Apache Homelands build solidarity with unsheltered refugees of settler colonialism in occupied northern New Mexico. Distribute personal hygiene kits, handwashing stations, showers, hand sanitizer, masks, food, water, sleeping gear, clothing, temporary shelter, cooling/heating relief, and first aid. Contact:

Desert Indigenous Collective – Akimel O’odham and the Xalychidom Piipaash (occupied Phoenix, AZ) In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the group is currently setting up a mutual aid network to assist communities at the greatest risk of the virus which would include Elderly, Houseless, Immunocompromised, and Marginalized communities. Contact:

Frontline Medics – Occupied Tongva, Chumash & O’odham territory. Are an Indigenous led network of medically trained women of color from across Turtle Island committed to providing care for our communities of resistance with aid and support. Contact:

Sin Fronteras 1312 – Memories of El Monte Community Arts and Mutual Aid – Houtngna, the place of the willow, Tonga territory (10908 Garvey Ave. El Monte, California 91733. Free food, water, clothes, ppe, a/c, wifi, printing. music lessons, support circles, prisoner writing sessions, food sovereignty workshops, popular education and more. Open Wednesday-Saturday 2-8p. FTP 24/7.

Para Todus Hit – Guam/Guahan – Marianas Islands/Laguas Yan Gani –
Para Todus Hit is a small collective of indigenous CHamoru, Palauan, and other allies residing in the occupied territory of Guahan. The vision is simply stated in the phrase “Chenchule’ Not Charity,” referring to the deeply rooted CHamoru practice of chenchule’, or reciprocal giving and community care. Contact:

Kinłani/Flagstaff Mutual Aid – Occupied Kinłani (so-called “Flagstaff, Arizona” and Northern “Arizona”) – Contact:

Defend Our Community – Dinétah (Leupp area so-called “Arizona”) – Contact: | (928) 606-1857 | paypal:

Chi-Nations Youth Council – Zhigaagoong (Chicago, Illinois) – Chi-Nations Youth Council has been working with growing their own food and medicine for the past 7 years. Last year they have received access to a large piece of land we envisioned creating a healing space for Native community to reconnect to our plant medicine and our food. They started remediating the soil, built garden boxes, built a wigwam and firepit. Contact: | (773) 632-6401

Ké’ Infoshop – Dinétah (Navajo Nation – Ft. Defiance, Window Rock area)

  • feeding the unsheltered (so-called homeless) every Saturday morning
  • hosting talking-circles for LGBTQ2i+ or gender non-conforming relatives
  • food banking with cooking classes using organic ingredients
  • workshops on indigenous feminism and decolonial socialism
  • building a public library supporting radical indigenous discourse
  • providing free secure internet access and information security training
  • and anything else to engage our relatives in a healthy manner to critically analyze our current situation as Diné (Navajo)

Diné Land & Water – Dinétah (so-called “Sanders, Arizona” and “Gallup, New Mexico” areas). Dine’ Land and Water has been using its limited resources to find the products to create home made alcohol hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, gloves and home made face masks with filters. Contact:

Mothers Against Meth Alliance – Pine Ridge, occupied “South Dakota”. The mission of the Mothers Against Meth Alliance (M.A.M.A) is to provide competent and compassionate advocacy, community action, media outreach, drug education, and provide rehabilitation resources that reflect the traditions and customs of the Lakota Nakota, and Dakota people for all those affected by Methamphetamine addiction, their families, and their communities. Contact:

Protect Native Elders – Dinétah (Navajo Nation – Northern Area)

Alianza Migrante – Ysleta del Sur Pueblo/ Raramuri (Occupied El Paso / Ciudad Juarez) – Indigenous and Migrant led mutual aid and direct action collective dedicated to providing direct support and resources to our community on both sides of the so called Ciudad Juarez, Mexico / El Paso, Texas border. Contact:

Cocopah Quechan Mutual Aid – Location: Occupied Sonora, Baja California, California, and Arizona. Operations based in Yuma, Arizona – Are an all-volunteer grassroots indigenous led group operating on Quechan and Cocopah lands regardless of borders. Contact: