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October 22

Getting Started

A purple graphic of a plant growing and a chevron shape with the words Getting Started

Reaching out as a new client & scheduling a 15 minute consultation with our Clinical Administrator. The consultation is scheduled through our secure client portal. Once you click “new user” in the portal, you will be able to schedule an appointment.

October 22

15 Minute Consultation

A pink graphic of a clip board with a pencil and a chevron shape with the words 15 Minute Consultation

During this initial meeting you will be going over necessary paperwork, insurance information, out-of-pocket costs, therapy expectations, and anything that will help us better serve you.

October 22

Matching to a Clinician

A golden yellow graphic of a hand with a heart above it and a chevron shape with the words Matching to a Clinician

You will be paired with an available clinician based on your specific needs and eligibility.

October 22

Scheduling First Assessment

A green graphic of a calendar and a chevron shape with the words Scheduling First Assessment

Our Clinical Administrator will assist in finding a time that works with you and the clinician for your 1st assessment.

October 22

Starting Treatment

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You will now begin your personalized treatment and meet regularly with your clinician.

Making the Most of Your 15 Minute Consultation


Go over basic background information:

  • Full legal name (we will go over preferred name and pronouns)
  • Home Address
  • DOB
  • Primary Care or referring physician
  • Insurance information (Plan ID/ Member ID, Group #)

Client Portal

Making sure all of your documents and questionnaires are completed & signed before the initial Diagnostic Evaluation with the clinician.

  • Medical History forms
  • Financial Responsibility forms
  • Consent forms
  • Copy of front & back of ID
  • Copy of Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Review practice policies


Go over any questions or concerns you may have.

This may include:

  • Discussing financial responsibilities
  • Going over schedule availability
  • Briefly going over expectations of therapy
  • Forwarding along any other information that may be necessary for the clinician to know before beginning treatment


Our time here is limited and meant to set you up for success. It is important to not turn the consultation into a therapy session.

The consultation is to assess your needs, gather information, and get you paired with a clinician, it is not meant to diagnose or treat you.